Talent is the Million Trees 

In today’s world, true leaders who stay on top of change and have the ability to look far into the future are an increasingly rare breed. milliontree HR helps companies find visionary leaders who not only know what it takes to excel within the organisation but truly embrace the values of the past while perched on the cusp of the future. By using our razor sharp search practices, we are well equipped to hone in on the leaders of the future.

Based in Bangalore, India we understand the vast need for competent management and world class leadership requirements in Indian companies. Companies in India are increasingly under growing pressure to find management that can propel them into stratospheric heights under the most stringent deadlines. The candidates provided by us are meeting the much vaunted future talent bench strength that will power the companies headfirst into the 21st century.

Over the last decade since we have been in operations, we have grown rapidly and have developed a large portfolio of services and deep domain knowledge of specific industries. We have helped build and improve the composition of the board of directors and executive teams that are now powering India’s top Media, Retail and Consumer Product Companies. Our insight helps the Human Resource team make highly informed decisions and make choices that are in sync with their vision and mission.


      Our MISSION is to manage talent for sustainable growth, in order to build intimate relationships of enduring value.


    At THE MILLION TREES HR we believe our purpose is to fit qualified and deserving candidates to potential jobs.